How to use a hair straightener correctly at home

Do you know hair styling with a hair straightener isn’t as simple as it sounds like? Using a hair straightener at home the wrong way can often do more harm than good to your precious strands. Let’s admit it – every time your straighten your hair at home, you don’t get the salon like look and your hair might end up looking frizzy.

If you want to understand the essentials of how to use hair straightener at home in order to preserve the natural moisture of hair, then you have to come to the write article. We shall discuss the step by step process of how to efficiently use a hair straightener at home.

In the whole process, what is utmost important is choosing the right type of hair straightener as per your hair type. There is no dearth of hair straighteners available from different brands and you might end up being confused. You can check out this curated list of best hair straighteners in India to choose the best one which suits your hair.

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Follow along for this simple, yet complete step-by-step guide on how to use hair straightener correctly at home.

how to use hair straightener at home

Prepare your hair

Preparing your hair before starting to straighten is very important. Simply using a iron on your hair without a good hair wash will not provide proper results.

You need to thoroughly wash your hair with a good shampoo and a mild conditioner to rinse the dirt away. Washing your hair removes all the excess oil and other products from hair, making them ready for straightening.

  • The hair straightening process might be damaging to the hair. Therefore, make sure that you use gentle shampoo and conditioner for washing your hair
  • Deep conditioning is important to improve the moisture and elasticity of hair. Well hydrated hair are better equipped to handle the straightener and minimize the breakage and damage to the hair.
  • When you leave the conditioner on hair, you should also use a paddle brush to comb the hair. This will make sure that the straightening process starts right in the shower and you wont need to use a lot of heat with hair straightener.

Hair Dry & Brush

Firstly, use a towel to pat dry your hair gently. Pat dry should be done from top to bottom in a single direction to avoid detangling the hair. Avoid rubbing the hair with towel, as the wet hair are more prone to breakage.

After that use blow dryer to dry your hair from the root to tips. You should set the hair dryer to medium heat and high air speed, the lower ends however might require more heat and a brush to detangle the hair. Hair dry and brush is the most important step in making sure that the hair straightening effect is good.

Protection Spray

Heat protection spray helps in avoiding the damage caused by heat emitted by the hair straightener. It is usually left in the hair before the hair straightener is used. The protection spray works by locking the moisture inside the hair, and adding a layer of protection the hair. It also helps in smoothening the hair to some extent.

Make sure to use the protection spray only on the hair and not the scalp. You can use a flat brush to comb your hair after applying the protection spray to make sure that the distribution is proper.

Divide & Straighten

Separate your hair into several sections: You should start by dividing your hair into sections. You can use pins or clips to divide and tie the hair section which are not being used. Then individual sections should be taken in front of the shoulder for straightening.

Place the straightener as close to roots as possible. While doing this, make sure that you don’t take it too close to avoid any damage to the scalp.

Next, run the flat iron through the length of that section of hair. This motion should be smooth and steady in a vertical direction. You should make sure that the iron doesn’t stay at a single place for too long as this will end up damaging your hair.

Repeat 2-3 times over the section of hair. This will also depend on the texture of your hair and the type of flat iron you are using. You should repeat passes limiting to maximum of 3 times till the section of hair has been straightened. If you keep the sections smaller, it will require fewer passes to straighten the hair.

Here on, once the section is straightened, get it out of the way and start with another section. Repeat until you have covered all the sections.

Seal the deal

Once you have completed using the flat iron to straighten your hair, it is a good idea to use blow dryer at cold and lowest air flow setting. Blow dry your hair at these settings for another minute or so using thick paddle brush.

Finally, seal the deal with a hair setting spray to keep your hair straight all day long. There are hair sprays which come with anti-frizz serum, these sprays are especially useful in keeping your hair straight after using flat iron. So, make sure you choose on of these.

We have come to the end of of our article, by now you should have a good idea around how you can effectively and efficiently use a hair straightener at home without having to do a run to the salon. We hope you liked our article on how to use hair straightener at home. If you still have any other questions, feel free to reach out in the comment box below and our experts will get back to you.

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