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Reviewlens is a site you turn to when you need to make a smart and informed decision when you are about to buy something online. We provide unbiased and honest reviews of kitchen & home appliances. We do a comprehensive research before selecting a curated list of best products available in a particular category.

With the huge variety of products available in any category, finding the right product suitable for your need is a daunting task. We make shopping of everyday products easy by making personalized suggestions based on your requirement and needs. At reviewlens, product recommendations are accompanied by a detailed and thorough buying guide, so that you can make an informed decision while buying any product. The buying guide helps you in becoming equipped with the latest trends in the evolving market where there in a new technology coming very now and then.

Reviewlens was founded in 2020 with a vision to make online shopping of home & kitchen appliances a pleasurable experience.

Why Reviewlens?

Our recommendations are backed by hours and hours of extensive research around every single product. The dedicated team of expert editors, scientists, and researchers makes sure that the products are extensively researched, tested and analyzed before they are put on the recommendation article.

We take pride in providing a platform which helps in making purchasing decisions simple and easy.

All of the recommendations by reviewlens are solely based on the research done by our team and are in no way sponsored by anyone else.

How we do it?

reviewlens - unbiased and honest product reviews

When you get ready and decide to buy a product, there are a lot of options to choose from. There are thousands of reviews, variety of technologies to compare between, and numerous brand to choose from. Cutting through all of this data, where all the products sound equally great, one if bound to be left confused.

That’s where we come in to make your task simple.

We gather and analyze feedbacks from those who have already spent their money on the product and have been using it day in and day out. We have built smart systems to analyze and research this data from thousands of customers which helps us in formulating a curated list.

The key criteria for us while doing our research is the consumer happiness index. This index has been formulated by reviewlens to determine how happy people are after buying a certain product. Various factors are considered while calculating the happiness index. This includes, the number of customers who have brought a given product, the average reviews by customers, after sales support satisfaction etc.

Our ethical promise

We take long strides in providing our readers with a lot of value by making solid recommendations around products to buy.

At Reviewlens our first and foremost principle is being ethical and honest. Our focus is providing the best review possible which is unbiased and honest. We understand that, we can only be successful if we are adding value to our readers by providing the most accurate and trustworthy product reviews. We never make a recommendation without backing it up with a solid research, hence promising you the best.

We make money when a reader clicks through a recommended product and makes a purchase. However, our business model doesn’t come in the way of making the product recommendations based on this. Our editorial team is completely independent and has complete independence around choosing the best products based on the research.

What if the product isn’t listed?

You can contact us if you need help in making buying decisions. Our team of experts will be happy to address all your queries.


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